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23.04.15   DeMorgen Newspaper has won a "Best Designed Newspaper of 2015" award 08.04.15   Selected for the 26th Poster competition of Chaumont
01.02.14   Working in Groep Jan&Randoald
10.10.14   Selected for the Graphic Design Festival Scotland
01.10.14   Doing a 3 months internship at Zak Group in London
25.07.14   Published in TYPE PLUS by Unit Editions from London
19.06.14   Selected for the 26th Bienále Brno in Czech Republic

Corbin Mahieu is a Ghent based graphic designer. He graduated academic graphic design at Sint-Lucas (Ghent) in 2014 and did an internship at Zak Group (London) in 2015. After his studies he started working a part-time job at DeMorgen (Brussels), a belgian newspaper. In the end of 2014 he joined the graphic studio of Jan&Randoald (Bruges), where he is still working. Apart from all this, he tries to do as much personal assignments and collaborations as possible. So please don't hesitate to contact him using the "mail" link below.

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Art in Electricity, JanandRandoald + Corbin, (Book), 2015

Blobs composition, (Poster), 2015

Het Entrepot pitch, (Identity), 2015

$abre ¥outh in Australia, (Identity), TLL, 2014

Kulturhavn pitch, (Poster), Arts festival in Copenhagen, 2015

TumultingentIII, Arts festival in Ghent, (Poster), TLL, 2014

Internship Research Publication at Zak Group, (Book), 2014

Collab with François Van Damme for ficciones-typografika, (Poster), 2015

New business cards, (Flyer), 2015

Bony King LP proposal, 2014

Quote from B.B, (Poster), 2014

BUDA LIBRE in Kortrijk, (Flyer), TLL, 2014-2015

LRNCE Postcard, (Postcard), 2015

My contribution to Dille&Kamille proposal, (Poster), 2014

Urban Crafts Identity proposal, (Identity), 2014

European youth trend report in Ghent, Jan en Randoald + Corbin, (Book), 2014

Interieur Extra, (Exhibition) TLL, 2014

Art route "Now you are here" in Ghent, (Identity), TLL, 2014

Yearbook Luca, School of Arts, Ghent, Collab with Lies Mertens & Terry Kritis, (Book), 2014

Arts centre campo in Ghent, (Identity), TLL, 2014

Campo passeert, (advertisement), TLL, 2015

Oui Oni, (Poster) 2014

The tunguska event infographic, (Poster), 2012

Essay on ‘Is technology killing our creativity?’, (Flyer), 2014

Wedding card, 2013

Selected for Bienále Brno, Photos by TC&AM&RP, (Exhibition), 2014

Art route "Tumultingent#2" in Ghent, (Identity), TLL, 2014

Teamplayer in Team Lavalamp, (Exhibition), 2014

Postcards for the new in Kortrijk, (Postcard), TLL, 2014

Graphic Direction for the new architectuurkaart Zuid-West-Vlaanderen, (Identity), TLL, 2014

V*I*T*R*I*O*L*U*M, Contributed toLibrary Paper ISSUE 04 in London, (Zine), TLL, 2014

Graphic collaboration project "P P P", Swahili & Corbin Mahieu, (Zine), 2014

Swords and flags, Photo's by Sam Velghe, (Flag), 2013

NO-NO VACATION, (Poster), 2014

Theatre group Compagnie Cecillia, (not selected), (Flyer), 2013

FREE MIND, Lennart Van den Bossche & Corbin Mahieu, (Poster), 2014

BBQ in Ghent with Dries Deriemaeker, (Poster), 2014

Essay on Graphic Design & Alchemy, (Book), 2014

Florida, (Poster), 2014

EXPO EXPO EXPO at Tumultingent#2, (Poster), TLL, 2014

IEK, (Identity), 2014

VOIDS, Curated by Andreu Serra, (Poster), 2013

My contribution to TOPO COPY’S RISOGRAFIA #3 in Ghent, (Poster), 2014

De ijsster in Ghent, (Identity), 2013

The Graphic Alchemist in Antwerp
A collective of artists who did work around 'Alchemy', (Exhibition), 2013

Zo Boven,(tussenin)Zo Beneden, Photo's by Sam Velghe, (Book), 2013

Alchemical signs, (Poster), 2013

Designweek Otis in Los Angeles, (Poster), 2013

Sint City Fuif in Ghent, (Poster), TLL, 2013

32 Glimpses of Germania, Photos by Sam Velghe, (Book), 2012

The Wire: Possessed Edition, Photo's by Sam Velghe, (Book), 2012

Italy, 2014

Florida, 2013

Los Angeles, 2013