Corbin Mahieu is a graphic & communication designer and art director based in Ghent, Belgium. He graduated academic graphic design at Sint-Lucas LUCA (Ghent) in 2014 and undertook an internship at design studio Zak Group (London) in 2015. After his studies he worked at the studio of Jan&Randoald (Bruges/Ghent) until 2017. After a few years of building trust with clients, Corbin became self-employed in 2017. He currently operates in the field of publication and book design, brand identities, web design, posters or flyers and all printed matter. Using his network of colleagues Corbin is able to direct almost any visual aspect or assignment, from web and motion design to furniture and interior design. Clients range from self-employed entrepreneurs/designers/artists to art/design institutes and even music clubs or commercial companies


Corbin is part of a strong connected network of freelancers that support and co-work inside the field of Art Direction, Brand design, Web Design, Web Developing, Animation, Scenography, Video Editing, Interior Design, Product or Fashion Photography and Communication Design. Feel free to ask for references of connected freelancers.


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Won a Henry van de Velde Award for the Identity for Pilar. More info here 


Intern Oct-Dec 2020: Ibert Pauwels


Second place for the Marc Meulemans Award on Red Bull’s Elektropedia Awards 2016 for best design on the streets for Fuse, Brussels. (Together with Adriaan Tas)


Participated in “The New Masters” on the Biennale Interieur 2018 Kortrijk. More info here


Interview with the Word magazine Belgium. Read the interview here


Part of NRML Festival in Mexico City


New website of artist Stien Bekaert is online. Visit the website here


Won the Marc Meulemans Award on Red Bull’s Elektropedia Awards 2016 for best design on the streets. (Together with Lennart Van den Bossche)

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